Get To Know The Study Focus On Global Sevilla Toddler Preschool Jakarta Class

What comes to your mind when talking about toddler education? The majority of parents will think about daycare or childcare that is mainly for playing. However, it is not 100% true. In global Sevilla preschool Jakarta, the toddler class is one of the vital stages for children’s development. How come? Read further to learn how the global Sevilla serves its ideas.

Study Focus On Global Sevilla Toddler Preschool Jakarta Class

A Toddler School For 1.5- 2 Years Old

Being 1.5 – 2 years old, a child has quite limited abilities to learn the world. In this case, constant and proper guidance is the key to their mental, cognitive, and physical development. Global Sevilla understands that needs and starts the toddler class as part of preschool education. It is not a mere daycare or childcare service, but it is a legit school.


The Use Of IEYC

To provide the best and suitable learning, the global Sevilla school employs IEYC or an international early years curriculum. It is an international curriculum made by fieldwork academy, which focuses on younger children education. It comes with a lot of benefits that fit students for this particular preschool Jakarta.

But, how can the global Sevilla implement the curriculum for the children of this age? The answer goes to its focus on six areas of development. During this stage, children are the curious being that wants to know everything. But due to the limited verbal and cognitive, the use of six areas of development highlights the study focus.


The Focus Of Study

The IEYC curriculum covers children’s development from the age of 2 to 5 years old. With the help of six areas of learning and development, each class level comes with a different focus. In this case, the toddler class is the lowest or the starting level. The school with IEYC highlights the need of learning fundamental skills. Thus, the school and teacher will work around it.

With the IEYC flexibility, the teacher and school can adapt the curriculum to fit the preschool Jakarta timur student’s criteria. For the toddler, the school brings up the entertaining education manner. Thus, the student will keep on engaged and entertained during the class. The focus also circles basic skills, including learning simple counting, shapes, and color.

You can see how the school pay attention and understand that toddler is an important stage of childhood development. The toddler class itself is run to help the younger kids learning all of the fundamental skills. All come in a fun and entertaining manner, which also helps them to prepare for the higher education level and school life environment.

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